Slimming Tea


15 tea bags

Drinking Green Body Slimming Tea gives you an abundance of natural benefits. It’s good for cleansing and detoxing, and it also provides a refreshing and tasty drink when you need a bit of time-out in your busy day.

Our Slimming Tea provides you with a natural and organic way to break down fat and reduce weight whilst improving your general health.

Product Description



BITTERGOURD – contains antioxidants, which help to flush out your system.  This improves your metabolism and digestive systems.

SICKELSENNA SEED – Natural Laxative

HAWTHORNE – Boosts your metabolism / eliminates toxins from the body

LOTUS LEAF – Slimming and the breakdown of fat / energy boosting and anti-fatigue functions to help digestion and the break-down of fatty substances

GREEN TEA – The polyphenol in this tea accelerates your metabolism and increases your energy to lose weight & a sure way to lose fat and melt your stubborn belly fat !



* One bag of Green Body Slimming & Detox Tea into 160ml of boiling water and a drop of honey.  One tea bag can be used TWICE!